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About Karen Wilder 

        My name is Karen Wilder.  I have been in business since 1995, graduating from the Academy of Health Therapy & Reflexology International in Indianapolis Indiana.  

  I love my job, I always have..especially when people come in hurting, and leave feeling  so much better! Im certified in all the techniques I practice. Specializing in Reflexology and Deep Tissue Therapy, I try to combine as much into one session that I think will benefit you the most, which makes every session unique.

     I believe in giving more of a"Therapeutic Massage." My clients get better, longer lasting results with this  type of therapy.  

     I love taking classes and learning new techniques. Over the years I have continued my education, taking accredited courses in many different states...some of which are in the list below. 


Deep Tissue

Myofascia Release 1 

Myofascia Release 2,

Myofascia Unwinding 

(All John Barnes Method)

Reflexology(Ingram Method)

Advanced Reflexology

Sports Massage


Pregnancy and Infant Massage

Integrated Massage

Deep Muscle Massage

Swedish Massage

Neuromuscular re-education




Deep Muscle Therapy

Therapeutic Massage


LLymph Drainage

Kineseology (Contact Reflex Analysis)

InnerTropic Therapy

Dowsing for Healing

Learning and accessing Personality Disorders


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